Please contact Priscilla to be placed on this list

Priscilla: Will take any bird especially
"handicap/special needs" birds.
CELL: 480-381-7858

Here we will list our Emergency Response Members.
They are bird lovers who are willing to help with
your birds, rescue birds in need, provide info. ect.

Noelle Fontaine 602-369-3503

Lori Steiz 480-981-5772 (Gouldian Finches & Conures)

Jana Julleis 480-241-3950 (Macaws, Conures, Parrotlets, African Greys & Lories)

Jena Ingram 623-582-9292 I-17 & 101 area (Cockatiels & Parrotlets)

Sarah Hillman 480-703-5566 email: (ANY birds)

Amber Puckett 480-600-6088 (Amazons)

BirdieMan Exotic Feathers Rescue Corral
(480) 325-2980 (message only phone)
Email: (ANY birds)